Let's learn how to make music on PC!

Making music on the computer is fun, cheap and easy! There are many free programs available on the internet that can help you make your own CD quality songs at home.You don't need to buy any expensive hardware or software especially when you are just starting out. This guidento gives you all the basics that one would learn in a audio engineering institute. In this guidento we will cover the utmost basics of making music at home. Enjoy your stay here and feel free to ask any questions.
  1. Preface & intro -
  2. History of sound -
  3. Digital revolution
  4. Basics of audio
  5. Basics of audio part 2
  6. Digital audio format
  7. What Is MIDI --
  8. Process of making a song

    Setting up basics
    -> Getting sound options
    > Recording > sampling
    > Synthesizing
    > Interface options MIdi
    -> DAW options

    DAW reviews
    : Ableton live,

    Adobe Audition,
    Ardour ,

    FL studio,


  9. Hardware requirement

    > Audio monitors
    > Microphones
    > Interface options

  10. Glossary

    - soundfonts
    - patches
    - samples

  11. Coming soon......
  12. Example set ups
  13. Process of song making
  14. Individual sounds
  15. Timeline
  16. Patterns in the song
  17. Mixing and mastering


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