Basics of audio part 2

A simple audio editing exercise 
Now that we have already discussed some of the very basics of sound . In this chapter we will do some actual sound editing to understand the concept a bit further.

To do this exercise you will have to download Wavepad (a free audio editing software). You will also need any audio file on your computer.

Wavepad tutorial to understand waveforms

Let us meet the wavepad user interface..

1 is the transport bar. This looks like the control on your Windows media player. The routine controls like play, stop, pause forward rewind etc.

2 - is the wave form of the sound we are working on. The height represents the amplitude or the volume and x-axis represents time.

3 - is the time bar that tells us the time.

4. Toolbar gives us all the tools to delete, edit, copy and paste different wave parts of the audio.

5 is the zoom tool using which we can zoom into different waveform parts of the song.

Video tutorials

Spend some time with the Wavepad software and learn different features of it. This is the most basic and important aspect of learning to become an audio engineer.

To make learning process quicker i have put some good wave pad tutorials from YouTube.

Before moving to next chapter make sure you know how to edit a song in wavepad. How to mix two songs in the software. It is a great piece of software that is good for intro to audio world.

Make sure you know the stuff that we discussed till here before moving ahead to next chapters. I would suggest you to take a break and come back and re-read it until you completely understand the concepts and know how to use wavepad.

The stuff we learn here would become foundation for our upcoming chapters, so it is very important to spend more time learning and understanding things here.

This will save hours of frustation later on.

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