Energy XT

EnergyXT - cool music making app 

A super fast music making app, that can help you in making MIDI music on all windows, linux and Mac platforms. It is one of the best application that comes for under $100 and many plugins right from drum machine to a synthesizer to load samples.

The promise
The company's proposition is simple, they offer lite weight program with minimalistic design and essential features packed into a single, small fast program that can do all the stuff.

It is easier to use and can be run on a laptop too without much of trouble.

A demo is available on the website so go and try that software out and see if it works for you.

Vs other DAWs and Alternatives
  • Fl studio - started out as a simple drum machine and evolved into a complete monstor for music production. Can do everything right from MIDI to Audio. But it is mainly geared towards MIDI so if you do a lot of audio recording then look elsewhere. It is a better option that Reason because it can do audio stuff nicely. 
  • Logic pro - one stop solution, very expensive does everything related to music production under the sun.
  • Adobe audition - one of the lesser used DAWs out there, MIDI support is minimal. Good for creating loops and podcasting type of stuff. Not so great for other things.
  • Reaper a small and robust DAW that can do everything but does not comes with lots of samples or presets. Is comparatively cheaper and bang for the buck.
  • Ardour is developed by School of Audio Engineering as an open source DAW to rival pro-tools. It is still in developmental stages and has to go a long way.

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