Interface- audio interface for sound input

Audio and midi interface

Audio and midi interface are required to get the sound or data into the computer.

Interface, means connection.
Interface is a tool that helps us in connecting two or more devices. We need an hardware interface to connect our musical keyboard to the computer.

Audio interface is required to connect more than 1 microphone into the computer

More common name of audio and midi interface is sound card. If you know basics of computers you would know that sound card is a device that helps us in connecting our speakers

We already have a sound card in most of the computers but it is very basic. It is an audio interface as well

There are three types of audio interfaces. 

Almost all professional audio interface contains an input and/or output slot for MIDI

FIRST A PCI sound card >>>
This is the oldest way of connecting microphones and MIDI controllers to the computer. The PCI slot is installed on the computer's motherboard.

Second Option
USB midi interface >>
This is an example of one of the most basic interface to connect microphone and MIDI to external hardware devices.

Third Option
Firewire Devices >>

Firewire interface is the newest and most advanced interface available. It is expensive and able to transer large amount of data with very less latency.

You already have an audio interface in your computer

The sound card in the computer is an audio interface which allows connection between the speakers and microphone and line in.

However, most sound cards on consumer PCs do not have MIDI port and you cannot connect more than 1 microphone in it.

When most learners start out it is perfectly fine to not buy an external interface to record the songs. First learn things using free software and basic hardware and then go and invest something when you have learnt the stuff.

It is also a good idea to visit a recording studio in your locality and check out the hardware before buying it.

There are many types of audio interface with different options and price points. So it is better to be knowledgable before spending money and make wise spend of your preciuos money.

PCI Vs USB Vs Firewire which one is better?

PCI was and is still the cheapest option available out there. It is good on the performance side too. But it is slightly difficult to install and manage.

Setting up a USB interface is a breeze and you can set things up in seconds. however, some people report that there are latency issues with USB interfaces when you are doing a lot of audio and recording more number of tracks simultaniously.

Firewire on the other hand is expensive and less popular amongst students and people who are making music for fun. It is however a good idea to get firewire if you record higher number of instruments at a single time.

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