Microphone is one of the most important aspect of the song making process.

To understand what kind of microphone you should use you must first learn about the basics of sound and what frequency is.

What is frequency
Frequency is the most important aspect about a microphone. Different types of microphones offer different frequency recording levels.

What is a microphone

"A microphone is an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal."
A microphone is a device which can record analog sounds into digital format and send the data inside the computer.

Easy definition:
"Microphone helps in getting the sounds inside the computer. There are different types of microphones according to your usage and budget. This guide aims at providing you the most basics on how a mic works and what you should look for while buying a new microphone"

How does a microphone work
This is the most basic structure of a microphone

The sensor, which absorbs the audio waves is called diaphargm.

The diaphargm is the MOST important part of the microphone. The quality of the recorded sound on the mic depends upon the sensor.

The diaphargm is the part which "senses" and records the voice into digital format. There are different types of diaphargm depending upon what kind of frequency they and the type of situation.

Then the sound touches the senser it turns the analog waves into digital waves and send it to the computer.

Types of microphones

Condenser microphone 

  • This is the most popular type of microphone. 
  • It is highly sensitive and catches up even the most light sounds in the room.
  • They are best used to record vocals and only in a acousticly treated recording studio. Which cancels any reverb sounds. 
  • They are good for recording instruments that have high frequency example, acoustic guitar, violin.
  • They cannot handle sounds with very high velocity 
  • It is called as a electrostatic microphone because it utilizes the electronic plates inside the mic as shown in the pic to record the sound.
  • Expensive! They are usually expensive as compared to other types of microphones and can cost anywhere between $100 to $1000 and even more. 
  • Require external power - You would also need an external power to run this microphone.
  • USB Condenser Microphones! There are many cheap USB microphones coming up these days that are cheap and offer good quality results for recording songs. 

Dynamic microphone
They are most popular microphones and can be used for all purposes right from recording vocals and high velocity instruments like drums.

Other types (not so popular)

There are other types of microphones but are not that popular.

There are Ribbon microphone,Carbon microphone, Piezoelectric microphone, Fiber optic microphone Laser microphone and Liquid microphone.

Speakers as microphones: speakers can also be used as microphones but they usually record only lower frequencies.

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