Preface - what to expect !

Before we start learning , i would like to give a little introduction on what this guidento contains and what to expect from it.

A typical reader of this book

A typical reader of this book would be someone who knows some basic stuff about computers like how to use internet, install software on the PC and do basic stuff.

If you don't know basics of computers i would suggest you to check out technology guidento to learn the basics and come back.

In this guidento 
We will talk about the engineering part of making music on the computers and NOT the artistic part of it. We will talk about microphones, computer software ets but ...We will NOT talk about music theory, chords scales etc. If you need that information go see art guidento page.

This guide aims to equip you with strong fundamentals in least amount of time. With this information you can use free resources and start making your own music in no time!

I apologize in advance for any mistakes in the book. Please note that we update this information and keep revising to help keep it relevent and up to date. So please notify us in case if you come across a stupid error.

Around 10 years ago, i did nt know a thing about making music on the computer. As a hobby piano player i always thought if i could make music on the computer. I spent a lot of time in learning all this stuff.

I opted for trial and error method to actually do it. Now i can finally create songs and feel great about it.

Through this guide i want to share the knowledge and make your task easier to make good songs on the computer without spending lot of money on equipments.

I hope you find this guide useful, please send in any feedback or comments that you may have.

Many of the images have been used through if you think that any image used here violates a copyright please notify us and we will remove it from here.

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