Process of making song on the computer

In the previous chapters we talked about the basics of sound and a little bit on digital format of sound on the computer. We also discussed history of sound.

Make sure you have read the previous chapters before continuing with this lesson. On this page we will discuss the concept of how a song is made on the computer.

When we make a song we basically have to get differnet sound inside the computer. The DAW or digital audio software inside the computer helps us to manage the sound timing.

The most basic structure of song making process 
A quick snapshot of three stages through which audio goes from its origin into the sound card... and finally into our DAW:
This is what's happening in the above pic :

Stage 1 : Sounds of guitar, singer's voice, drums & piano go into microphone.
Stage 2 : The microphone would send the audio data to the audio interface
Stage 3 : The audio interface is a hardware tool that sends the data to DAW (digital audio workstation) software on the computer.

So as we can see there are THREE MAIN things here
  • First.. is the sound source (in the above example it was the microphone)
  • Second.. is the audio interface (in the above example it was a midi usb interface)
  • Third.. is the DAW or the software we would use to manage everything. (audacity DAW in above example)

We just have to get the sound in the computer There are numerous ways we can do it. There are many options on getting the sound, different hardware, microphone options.

  •  There are diffrent ways to get a sound. (discussed later)
  •  There are different types of audio interface or to record the sound on the computer, and
  •  There are many types of DAW software with different features 

More choices, more decisions to make...

As a recording engineer you will have to make choices. You will have to decide how you would get the audio. What hardware you will buy. These decisions will be based on what kind of music you want to make, what your budget is etc.

You will have to decide how you will get the sound into your computer. Then you will have to decide on which software DAW you will be using

So many options!

There are different ways of doing the same thing..
All we need is "sound" that goes into the computer's software where we can arrange the sounds to make a complete song. But there are myriad ways of getting the sound into the computer and constructing a song.

This is the most confusing part for newbies. The number of options become overwhelming and people get confused about which is the best way to set things up.

To make the concept easier for you to understand. I have created different pages explaining THREE BASIC COMPONENTS shown in the above diagram. Make sure you read these thoroughly

Sound options - different ways to get the sound
  1. Sound options - different ways to get the sound.
  2. Audio interface - getting the sound on the DAW.
  3. DAW or the recording software - more basics on how a DAW works.

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