Soundfonts is a type of Sampled instrument that can be used to re-create sounds.

SoundFont is a registered brand name which refers to a file format designed to use samples in recordings.

Especially for the of computer music composition with limited budget and home recording. The term SoundFont is owned registered trademark of E-mu Systems, Inc.

SoundFont technology is similar to software sampling. A SoundFont file, which is extended by .sf2 or SoundFont 'bank', contains one or more sampled audio waveforms (or 'samples'), which can be re-synthesized at different pitches and dynamic levels. Each waveform can be associated with one or more ranges of pitches and velocities.

Technically, the quality of a SoundFont bank depends upon good recording of the sample and allocation of pitches and velocities.

What are SoundFont banks
are tightly installed with MIDI devices and can be easily used as General MIDI (GM) in many computer music making programs. The sound quality of SoundFont banks is generally regarded as superior to standard GM banks, because soundfonts are directly recorded from the original source and not contain synthesized sounds.

There are many SoundFont banks have been created specifically to replace GM banks with samples of each corresponding musical instrument that is there in the Ggeneral MIDI sound list.

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